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The commutator, the heart of the DC engine determines its efficiency. Coltec has acquired extensive experience in the production of commutators for DC motors. A specialized team builds riveted and screwed commutators and has already delivered thousands of orders to satisfied customers throughout the world. The team is fully equipped and starts from high-quality raw materials obtained from reliable suppliers.

We can build commutators up to a brush-track diameter of 2000 mm. Coltec builds commutators from drawings or models, per item or in small series. Quality, an honest price, rapid and prompt deliveries are at the foundation of our activities. A reliable shipping firm takes care of the shipment, but the commutators are often also delivered by our own services.

The variety and the dimensions of the commutators and the number of variations are infinitely great. Thus, it would be difficult to give an overview of all the possibilities in this folder. On the following pages, therefore, we will give a selection of the primary and most common specifications.